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Nuno Barroso – Director of Rockstar Hubs International Capital Limited Formerly a Chemical Engineer graduating from the University of NSW in Australia, and after working for Rio Tinto in the mining industry, Nuno moved to finance and financial planning, where he gained several years’ experience in the finance and property market. He then co-founded Platinum Group of Companies in Australia and Malaysia, where he worked for over 10 years in international project development. Over the past 5 years he has travelled the globe extensively working with family offices and large international firms, to develop the GCC Global Investment Platform (www.theglobalcc.com). Nuno is also Director of RSHI Limited.
Matthew Jones, CFA is a co-Founder of Runestone Capital and Portfolio Manager of the Runestone Capital Fund, which implements a proprietary quantitative driven absolute return strategy trading US equity index volatility. The fund has outperformed its index since inception and is currently the best performing volatility fund out of 77 in 2016, up 20.9% as per end of April. “Matthews’s qualifications include a BSc in Quantity Surveying at Westminster University and higher level education qualifications in Business and Finance. He is a former Executive Director and shareholder of the Investcap Group of Companies, and recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of Rail City Limited; a GCC Global Asset Management consortium company established to rollout large infrastructure projects for various Governments around the world. This includes, but not limited to roads, bridges, ports and railways. Matthews’s knowledge and experience in the global construction and finance industries have provided him with a platform and capability to approach a variety of international projects in a strategic and pragmatic manner. The structuring and implementation of strategies have been under taken at the highest level, to both political and corporate audiences and clients, in a variety of international markets with a comprehensive understanding of the respective diverse cultural environments.