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RoboMap provides GCC GLOBAL RESOURCES with full exploration and analytical support.

It provides various types of satellite mapping using a unique type of mapping. This is in the form of two types of maps:

1. HighLevel Map

2. HighLevel Map

In the first instance, GCC can be furnishes with an initial map that can identify which type of resource is present and the location (with GPS Coordinates) in respect to the where the resource appears in any measurable/commercial quantity.

A Detailed Map including Cross sectional, then gives a deeper analysis including depth and quantity, and even GPS co-ordinates for the location of the highest concentration of the resource.

Consulting around how to apply, interpret and analyse the respective RoboMap can be provided by RoboMining www.RoboMining.tech. Robomapping can provide GCC GLOBAL RESOURCES with a unique perspective from their years of exploration experience.

It’s relationship with Shearwater Geo (www.ShearwaterGeo.com) allows Robomap to provide GCC GLOBAL RESOURCES with advanced 3D and 4D mapping on offshore Oil and Gas projects.